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Martan makes its simulator and two-seater cabin available to training centres and companies. Together, they allow students to live the experience of real work, whilst also enhancing safety in the handling of heavy equipment.

Commercialisation - Two-seater Cabin
The two-seater cabin is a device patented by Martan under the name of: Adaptation of building site equipment for teaching. The adapted cabins comply with the 1215/97 check list and have CE mark self-certification, having passed all the technical and resistance tests.

Commercialisation – Virtual Simulator
The professionals at Martan have more than twenty years’ experience in the handling of heavy equipment. This knowledge was passed on to experts in Simax technology, who developed the all-new Virtual Simulator.
With the simulator, Martan makes high-quality technology available to you at low cost.

For more information and to find out about prices and conditions, call +948 346 276 or write to info@martan.es
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