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Martan specialises in the theory and practical training of heavy equipment operators. It is the first company to apply the driving-school methodology to practical training thanks to the creation of the two-seater cabin, a first in the world, patented by Martan.

Martan provides theory and practical training on the handling, use and safety of the machinery used in the building and industrial sectors. This training is based on face-to-face classes and the use of both simulators and real machines in which student and instructor work side by side.

With this training, students acquire greater professional skills and minimise occupational risk, and companies keep abreast of Risk Prevention regulations, whilst also significantly reducing the costs arising as a result of poor training.

Martan with Prevention
From the very outset, one of Martan’s chief objectives has been to cut down on accidents in the workplace.
The company allocates significant resources to R&D for the development of innovative methodologies and tools, which it makes available to training centres and companies.

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