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Martan uses its two cutting-edge tools to provide practical training: the two-seater cabin and the virtual simulator.

The two-seater cabin is a device designed and patented by Martan. It is a cabin in which both instructor and student can sit: the instructor can teach the student face to face while keeping a check on the entire process.
The system can be used to teach students how to use machinery of all kinds; the teaching is more direct, safer and personalised, and permits the performance of more complicated manoeuvres more safely. It also means that operators are taught prior to actually setting to work, leading to an exponential enhancement in operator efficiency.
The cabin can be used at any training centre or company that wishes to increase safety during real practical heavy equipment training.

Advantages of the two-seater cabin:
- Realistic representation of work at a building site
- Face-to-face, personalised instruction
- Opportunity to perform more complicated manoeuvres or manoeuvres on difficult terrain
- The instructor can take over control of the equipment at any time

The virtual simulator, with SIMAX technology, is able to simulate all types of equipment (excavators, loaders, telescopic handlers, forklifts, etc.) in a whole range of environments.

Technical characteristics of the Simulator:
- Next-generation physics
- Realistic – photo visual system
- Progressive teaching system
- “PhysX by Nvidia” and “DirectX 11” technologies

Advantages of the virtual simulator:
- Realistic simulations of risk situations (demolition, drilling, adverse weather conditions, etc.)
- Acquirement of occupational skills
- Designed for a wide range of machines
- Low cost
- Makes training more dynamic
- Employs a level-based training system: basic, intermediate and advanced
- Possesses an assessment and report creation system

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