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Martan actively collaborates with society in the dissemination of the measures required to encourage the prevention of risks in the workplace, entrepreneurship and the importance of innovation in the day-to-day work of an SME. Its management team makes the most of every event and activity in which it takes part in order to transmit these values.

The Managing Director of Martan has been invited to take part in a wide range of events on different scales, of which the following are worthy of special mention:

- Participation in a roundtable on the 2007 Day of the Entrepreneur in Navarra.
- Participation in a radio campaign to encourage women to create businesses, under the title “Women, another kind of business”.
- Participation in the video launching the University Business Creation Laboratory (LUCE), promoted by the  Navarran European Business Innovation Centre (CEIN), the Association of Young Businesspeople (AJE) and the Navarra Employment Service (SNE).
- Participation in a symposium on Technological Transfer at the CEEI Lleida

The company headquarters have also received many visits from students from schools, colleges, universities and vocational training centres wishing to find out about entrepreneurship.

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